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FHIR CLI updated to 1.4.0


Now FHIR CLI is STU 3 compliant. The easy to use Command Line Interface to HL7 FHIR® – Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources ( – now supports also the latest version of the standard.

In order to use it,  download the libraries from GITHUB: and follow the instructions to use the STU 3 compliant client.

Let’s see an example session:

# Import the version STU 3 Candidate compliant
In [1]: from client_v3 import *

In [2]: cli = init_client()
Using FHIR Server:
Verbosity LOW
No logging file.
No console logging.

# let's see the supported resources



# and how much are they
In [4]: len(RESOURCES)
Out[4]: 114

# or make a query
resp = read(cli, "Patient/example")
# ...

HL7® and FHIR® are registered terms of the subject having right (HL7 organization).

Pierfrancesco Ghedini

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