In this page you can find a personal selection of information on HL7 FHIR.

In doubt where to start with FHIR – Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources -?

No doubt: Start here the official page of the project.

Take also a look to the interesting blog “Hay on FHIR”

Other interesting informations…

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* fhir client cruds 18/02/2018
* FHIR CLI update to STU 3 02/07/2016
* Use of $everything operator to retrieve Patients and Encounters 11/06/2016
* FHIR versus HL7 v2 – The official point of view 07/06/2016
* Do you think create a profile, by hand, in FHIR is a bit tricky? Forge By Furore, is the answer 07/06/2016
* Use of Document operator from a Composition resource 06/06/2016
* An interesting post by Grahame Grieve. Is prevailing the use of rest or the messaging model? 03/06/2016
* Resource validation in FHIR 02/06/2016
* Take a look at this interesting tweet about FHIR security 29/05/2016
* HL7 fhir-cli (FHIR Command Line Interface) 29/05/2016
* FHIR, HL7 reinventato 01/12/2014


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